Defining your MVP

Clear stages to define your minimum viable product

We know from first-hand experience just how daunting it is to start a new company. That's why we make sure we're there for our clients every step of the way.

Using our specially created Lean approach, we'll focus on value and give you room to validate your idea. Starting with defining your minimum viable product, or MVP. This first step falls into four clear stages.

  1. We work out the primary goal of your product. Understanding what problem you're solving for the customer, how you can satisfy their need, and what the risks are.

  2. We create a user flow. Next, we'll go through the primary goal of the product, imagining the steps your customer will take to accomplish this goal.

  3. Define features. Once we know what steps your customer will take, we can list the product's key features, and decide how each will be measured to understand customer adoption.

  4. Prioritise features. Using specialist tools we'll look at which features are the most important to create your minimum viable product. For this, we'll consider how often a feature will be used, how many users may use the feature, how much value it will deliver, what risks are associated with each, and what the unknowns are.

  5. We reach your MVP definition. Then we have it! Using the latest mapping techniques, we'll be able to provide full visibility on all your potential features to decide which will make up your MVP.